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Known affectionately around their adopted home town of West Plains Missouri as “the tye dye girls”, Janet and Stacy officially created Jassi Designs in 1990. It was another chapter of what Janet had started 10 years earlier when frustration led her to quit her restaurant management career in Phoenix, Arizona and head home to Iowa to help her mom start out selling in some small art fairs until she found “something better”. Her mother was a retired art teacher and was one of the few artists in the country working with copper electroforming as her technique of choice. It was during this time they started doing some of the higher quality art fairs across the country as equal partners. But, after working with her mother for 4 years as a copper jeweler, Janet went out on her own to develop her own style. She worked under the name “Jewelry by Janet” for 3 years and it was during this time she changed her life by meeting Stacy through their mutual love of horses.

Stacy, at the ripe ole’ age of 29, had finally fulfilled a life long dream and had gotten her first horse. Janet had horses most of her life, and started boarding a horse at the same stable in Des Moines, Iowa where they were both living. Stacy had relocated to DM from Cedar Rapids and was working as a veterinarian tech. They both felt an instant kinship and a lifelong partnership and friendship was born. After 10 years as a vet tech Stacy was feeling the burnout and Janet was finding the miles on the road traveling to art fairs lonely. So, they took the major step of Stacy quitting her “real” job and Jassi Designs was born. Stacy had a great deal of artistic talent and this merger allowed them to both work on and develop their art full time, as well as sharing the long hours on the road traveling to the many art fairs they do across the country. It was their love of animals that changed them over from jewelers to animal sculptors. “One winter our animal pins just got big…”.

Private life found them relocating from Iowa in 1998 to the Ozark mountains of southern Missouri. There they have 12 acres where they have acquired many 4 legged lost souls in need of a home. Their true love is spending time with their large variety of live critter and finding time to ride horses in the National forests that surround them. Riding with friends among the trees is what they work for. That, and filling all the hungry mouths that share their bed and meet them at their back door!

They have recently added some wholesale shows to their retail art fair schedule and find their life busier than ever. But, they would never turn down a sale so if you find something on our site that you are interested in purchasing or have a gallery and would like to consider adding us into your shop please e-mail or call us anytime. We welcome all inquiries.. on both copper animals and live ones! Enjoy our site.

About our Copper Critter Making–

Together Janet & Stacy have let their mutual love for animals blossom into an extensive line of unique copper and stone animals, with an emphasis on turtles, frogs, & lizards, although a variety of animals are represented and new ones are constantly being created.

This has also let Janet get back to her first love of clay sculpture.  They first all make their realistic original out of a modeling clay.  A master mold is then made from this and  it is reproduced into cast resin armatures.

These are reconstructed and stone is placed in the appropriate places.  Then, through a very unique process of electroforming, they apply the pure copper around the stone and resin armature.  Once the metal has been applied the piece is then oxidized, polished, and sealed with three coats of weather resistant lacquer.

The results are a realistic sculpture with the stone inlaid in an almost mosaic effect and each one having subtle differences that make them all one of a kind pieces.  They are reasonably sturdy and can go outside.  The lacquer coat keeps them from tarnishing.  We have named each style of turtle and frog and look at each as an individual.  Several work together well as groupings. For the serious critter collector they are a must!  We hope to see you as customers for years to come.  Check back often to see our newest designs.

Please go to our store to see what is available now–we are constantly changing designs and adding new pieces.

Why Jassi?

It’s otherwise known as “Janet And Stacy’s Super Ideas”…Ok, that’s not how it really started.  Jassi was the name of one of our early dogs who, when we got her, friends said it was a Stupid Idea to get another dog since we certainly weren’t “dog poor” at the time.  But alas, we were both products of Walt Disney’s “Big Red” generation, and had always wanted an Irish Setter, so it went the course that her registered AKC name was written out as “Janet And Stacy’s Stupid Idea”~~JASSI.  Or so the story goes…When the time came to rename our partnership, with a slight alteration, we thought it perfect for our business.    JASSI DESIGNS

Since we have moved into our copper critters more than jewelry, we are emphasizing our web site so are now known as CopperTurtles–and if you search Critter Grove Ranch or Janet & Stacy we will also come up–we have many, many faces.


Visit both our store (for copper) & Critter Grove (live)…Enjoy